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Virtue's Last Reward Part 3

Path of the Bloodbath

Unanswered Questions
  • Tenmyouji knows things he shouldn't, judging from his conversation with Clover.  What does he know?
  • Zero made Tenmyouji an offer.  What did they say?
  • Is Luna in league with Zero?  Is Luna Zero, for that matter?
  • How does the old woman's death tie into the Nonary Game?
  • The Security room puzzle reveals three sentence fragments: "I Was You." "Will Be Me." "She Knows Everything."  Does this have any significance?
  • Is Radical-6 linked to what happened to Sigma?
The Theme of Nines
  • The graffiti on the second wall reads "Memento Mori if the Nineth Lion Ate the Sun."  Its meaning is unclear.
  • There are nine switches in the security room puzzle, and nine monitors on the central console make a puzzle with two solutions.
  • The green hourglass counts down 9 seconds.
Real-life References
  • The line "By your powers combined" is a reference to the catchphrase of Captain Planet from the eponymous cartoon show.
Path Summary
(Magenta -> Ally -> Green -> Ally)
  • Entered the magenta door, which leads to the Lounge
  • Discovered the old woman, deceased.  Tenmyouji seems to know who she was.
  • Chose "Ally" at the first AB game.
  • Entered the Green door (Quark seemed out of sorts) and ended up at the GAULEM Bay.
  • Chose "Ally" at the second AB game.
  • Alice is killed; Clover suspects Luna to be the killer as she was in the rightmost AB room.  Quark vanishes.
  • Luna is killed (presumably by Clover) and Clover and Tenmyouji are left to die in the Infirmary by Dio, seemingly to get them out of the way as Tenmyouji deduced that he was the old woman's killer.
  • K confronts Dio and both kill one another.
  • The AB room is opened by someone, but Sigma and Phi investigate the director's office, finding a computer.  However, they need login credentials to access it...