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Virtue's Last Reward Part 1

The next Nonary Game begins!

Unanswered questions

  • Who is Phi?  How does she know who Sigma is?
  • Why does Phi call Sigma "Grampa"?
  • Who is the creator of "Zero III", and why have these particular people been abducted for this Nonary Game?  For that matter, what is this Zero's motive in running this game?
  • Is this Alice really "All-ice" Alice from 999?
  • Is K really an amnesiac?
  • Is Zero one of the participants in this Nonary Game?

The theme of nines

  • The goal of this Nonary Game game is to get 9 points and escape through the door labeled with a 9.  As with the last time, there are nine contestants.
  • The number 9 door is open for 9 seconds.
  • The bracelets kill 9 minutes after the rules are broken by injecting Tubocurarine.

    Real-life references

    • Quantum computers are a theoretical type of computer that operate on quantum mechanics, which is far too complex to explain here.
    • Tubocurarine is an actual alkaloid, and has similar effects to those depicted in the game