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BS Legend of Zelda - Map 1 ("The Third Quest")

Another Bandai Satellaview exclusive, "The Third Quest" is a reworking of the Legend of Zelda that debuted in 1995.  Featuring an original overworld map, upgraded visuals and sounds as well as eight new dungeons, the game was available to play for only an hour-long broadcast each week over a four week period (with a few reruns occurring from 1995-1997).  During those times, the player had 57 minutes to complete two dungeons, and timed events would occur throughout; some would provide temporary power boosts to the player (like having unlimited bombs or sword beams even when not at full health) while others would affect in-game events (like making a particular Heart Container spawn).  During the game, the player would also be treated to an original audio track containing CD-quality music and a voiceover cast acting out the storyline.

The ROM I'm playing combines all four weekly installments into a single continuous experience; when two dungeons are completed, the next "week" will automatically begin, giving the player access to a new portion of the map where the next two dungeons are located.  Most of the time-based events are changed or removed as well, and some secrets are altered.  As I'm playing on SNES9x, however, I will not be hearing the audio track that originally played alongside the game.

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