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BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

Created exclusively for the Bandai Satellaview (an addon for the Super Famicom), BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets is an episodic four-part reworking of Link to the Past. It was only available for three sets of broadcasts in 1997 and 1998, and during those times it would be downloaded and played alongside a pre-recorded track that included CD-quality music and a voiceover cast acting out the game's storyline.  Once a broadcast ended, you were done; the game couldn't be played outside of those specific times.

For each of the four weekly episodes, players had fifty minutes to complete two dungeons (and defeat Ganon in the final week) and rack up as many rupees and Heart Pieces as they could to earn bonus points. Getting a high enough final score would allow the player to win prizes.

I'm playing a fan translated version on SNES9x that has been hacked to spoof the broadcast timeframe requirements.  SNES9x has no means of playing the audio track that goes with it, so we're not getting the full experience; however, this does at least let us try out the game, and gives us a pretty good idea of how people in Japan experienced it back in the '90s.

Watch live video from spoonshiro on

My second take of "Week 4", where I actually manage to beat Ganon in time and get the good ending:

For more information on BS Zelda and the Satellaview in general, check this link:

Oh, and as a final note: I did some research on how to get that heart piece in the grotto near the church.  You have to create a block with the Cane of Somaria, then pick it up and throw it so that it hits the crystal switch when you break the block.  I had no idea you could pick those things up, and I've been playing Link to the Past for two decades!