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999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Part 8

The ass-numbingly long True Ending.

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You must open the five "plot locks" to see the True ending.
  • Door 4 – Second Class Cabin: Take the bookmark from Santa during his dialog scene.
  • Door 4 – Kitchen: Santa will talk about dry ice turning directly from a solid to a gas. Choose "It did seem rather odd" when prompted.
  • Door 7 – Operating Room:  During the scene with Seven in the chemical closet, answer "...know about Ice-9?" when prompted.
  • Door 7 - Operating Room:  After completing the puzzle, clover will stay behind.  When talking to her, choose to give her the four-leaf clover bookmark.
  • Door 1 - Chart Room: Choose "Yeah, it is" when confronted by Ace in door 1.
You may need to do the Captain's Quarters again to view new scenes with Clover and Ace after doing all of this.

You must also view the Safe ending at least once to see the True ending.  Otherwise, you will get the Coffin ending.

(You do not need to do a separate playthrough to activate the flag for the Coffin Ending - getting the True Ending will unlock it as well.)

The iOS version has an exclusive ending, known as the Syringe Ending.  You get it if you decide to enter Door 3.

The theme of nines
  • Akane's "6" bracelet is actually the number 9 bracelet.  Santa's is not actually 3, but 0, and "the Captain" has a bracelet which displays 0, but is actually 6.
  • The final puzzle in the Study features nine colored balls.  The 9 ball cannot be moved in any of them; the others must be moved to form various Digital Roots.
  • Seven mentions there being 9 walls in the Incinerator.
  • The incinerator in the first Nonary Game was on an 18-minute timer.  18 is 9 multiplied by 2, and its digital root is 9.
  • Clover's ninth birthday fell on the day of the first Nonary game.
  • Snake's intended birthday gift to Clover was nine four-leaf clovers.
  • The final puzzle involves creating a 9 in every blue square on the grid.  Each of the blue squares contains the digital root of the surrounding numbers.
  • The final password is simply "9".
  • The final challenge of the Nonary Game in the original version of the game is a Sudoku puzzle, which is based around placing the numbers 1-9 in a 9x9 grid and ensuring that any given row, column and 3x3 sub-grid never use the same number more than once.
  • As a touch of personal irony, I finished this playthrough of the game just after the end of September 9th (9/9).  I completed it at roughly 1:20 AM on the 10th.  Well, I suppose I can at least say I was in the process of completing it at 9:09:09 PM on 9/9...
Real-life References

Several trophy names are references.
  • "We All Die By a Yellow Submarine" is a reference to the film "Yellow Submarine", which featured music by the Beatles (including a song with a similar lyric).
  • "Cut and Run" is an idiom meaning to quickly flee.
  • "Is that your final answer?" is likely a reference to the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".
  • "Ax you a question" is a variation on a common phrase, either as part of an accent or as an intentional pun (the latter in 999's case).
  • "A sixth sense of what's coming" may be an oblong reference to the film "The Sixth Sense", or just a reference to extrasensory perception, which is frequently referred to as a sixth sense.
Unanswered questions
  • Is that really Alice in the desert?