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Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES Version) Part 1

A considerably different take on Ultima IV by FCI/Pony Canyon, which streamlines its gameplay in many ways.

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A few notable differences from other versions of the game.

  • Visually, the game is drastically overhauled to resemble games like Dragon Quest.  The music in this version is also not present in any other version of Ultima IV.
  • The overall amount of dialog in the game is greatly reduced, with most NPCs only having one or two speaking lines.
  • Mantras are no longer required to meditate at shrines.
  • The spell system is simplified, with the player no longer having to "mix" reagents before casting them.  One simply picks the spell they wish to cast from a menu and the game automatically deducts the correct reagents from their reserves.
  • The player isn't given all the spells out of the gate; a few of the more powerful ones require them to talk to NPCs first.
  • Keys are removed in favor of a single "magic key" that opens all doors.
  • The weapon/armor system is overhauled, putting considerably heavier restrictions on what characters can equip (and in some cases giving them more options - only the Shepherd can equip the Robe, for example).  Additionally, only the main character can equip the Mystic items.
  • The player can only have up to three party members travel with him at a time.  Characters not in the active party stay at the Hostel at Lord British's castle, which can also be used to swap characters in or out of the active party.
  • Only the main character is allowed into the Stygian abyss - no party members may enter!