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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES version) Part 1

The Gold Farming of the Avatar

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I switched out Mariah for Dupre off-camera, as he can use a bow while she cannot. We just need a decent ranged weapon for our secondary characters; it's not as much of an issue in the NES version to have an underequipped party because the last dungeon is done solo anyways.  He can be found in the bar in Trinsic.

A relatively quick way to earn money is by visiting Shame.  There is a room on the 6th floor that has 22 chests to collect.  Exiting the dungeon and re-entering resets the chests, which can earn you about 1000 gold per trip.  There are two relatively quick ways to get there.

Through Shame
  • Once you reach Level 4, ships will begin to spawn.  Head to the coast west of Britain and wait for one to spawn, then sail inland to reach Shame.  
  • Go down the ladders inside to reach level 7, then go East through the room there. Step on the tile in the lower-right corner (behind some poison traps) to open the wall, then go up the ladder you find here to Level 4.  
  • Go through the east wall, then head south to a four-way intersection and head west from there.  Take the ladder down and head west.  Take the next ladder down to level 6 once again.
  • Take two steps south from the ladder and go through the fake wall to the east.  You have reached the treasure room!
  • At this point you can exit the room and head two squares south to a ladder.  Take this down a floor, then head east to another ladder.  On the 8th floor down, follow the path to a room with some dragons and a hydra.  Defeat them and go north then walk through the east door to reach the Room of Courage.  Go back through the door you came in to return to Shame and all of the chests will have reset. Collect them all again for more money!
Through Hythloth (requires the Key from Buccaneer's Den)
  • Enter Lord British's castle and go right, then up through the cracked wall there.  Look for another cracked wall in this room and enter it as well.  Take the stairs here up, then go the fake wall to the left.  Head down the other set of stairs to end up in the courtyard.  Use the key to unlock the door and enter Hythloth.
  • Take the ladder down to floor 8, then go west to the end of the hall and north to the room of Truth.  Exit the room of Truth to the east to end up in Shame.
  • In Shame, follow the path east, then go South to a room.  Exit this room west and follow the path to a ladder leading up.  This will take you to floor 7.
  • Go straight west on floor 7 to the ladder and take it up.  You will now be on Floor 6.
  • Take two steps north from the ladder here and go east through the fake wall.  You have reached the treasure room!
  • Backtrack to the dragon room, then head north and through the east door to find the Room of Courage.  Return to Shame through the door you just came in to reset all the chests and earn more gold!
    To quickly exit from the bottom floor, return to the Room of Courage.  Go thorugh the north doorway to end up in Destard, then cast Exit.  Destard's entrance is with a relatively short walk to Castle Britannia.

    Quick Exit

    Go back to the bottom floor of Shame, but when you go north from the dragon room, follow the hall to the end and enter the Courage room instead.  Go south from here to reach Destard, then cast Exit.  This is within walking distance of castle Britannia.

    Weird Stuff

    I also hit a weird, glitchy random encounter on the eighth floor of Shame where my entire party was outside the bounds of the battlefield, fighting some enemies within the bounds.  Both sides could freely fire ranged attacks at one another, and once I beat it I had to walk off the screen to get out.  Not sure if this is an emulator-only trick or if it occurs on an actual console as well, but I thought it was a bit humorous (and worrying considering I was close to the gold total I needed).