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Starflight II Part 4 (Finale)

The story unfolds!

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Places of Note
  • 244, 149 - The Anomaly which allows you to travel to the past.  Before you go in, make sure you have plenty of Shyneum (it costs ~50 units to make the trip each way) and Class 5 shields, and make sure they're up before you enter!
  • 106, 14 Planet 1 (Past) - The Guardian Key is at coordinates 0,0.  This is necessary to bypass the Guardian and access the Halls of Memory.
  • 131,219 Planet 2 (Past) - The Leghk Halls of Memory are at coordinates 26Sx135E.  They give you half of the Uhl Weapon required to finish the game.
  • 35,73 Planet 1 - Return to home base after talking with the Leghk to get Class 7 shields (usable even in the Nebula) and Plasma Weapons.
  • 28,79 Planet 4 - Speak to Gorzek here.  It turns out he's fused himself with the other half of the Uhl Weapon.
  • 117,153 Planet 2 - The Shyneum planet, which is guarded by a massive fleet of Uhlek.  Use two Blastopods to wipe out most of them, then mop up any survivors with your plasma weapons.  When the Uhl appears, use the Uhl Weapon to weaken its shields, then finish it off with your standard attacks to win the game.
  • Humans are driven insane by the Uhl if you hang out inside the Cloud Nebula too long, and will eventually die if you spend too long in there.  So if you need to go through, make it quick.  Or you could go for the alternate option and have an entirely non-human crew; whichever works better for you.
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