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Starflight II Part 1

While it runs in the same engine, Starflight 2 is a a very different beast from its predecessor, placing a much heavier emphasis on trading items than mining.

Places of note

  • 35,73 Planet 1 - Home Base
  • 34,71 Planet 1 - Colonizable! 45,000 Sp
  • 35,105 Planet 2 - Colonizable! 35,000 Sp
  • 56,33 Planet 1- Colonizable! 50,000 Sp
  • 105,75 Planet 5 - Colonizable! 35,000 Sp
  • 105,75 Planet 6 - Colonizable! 40,000 Sp
Trading Colonies

29, 74 Planet 1 - Tandelou Eshvey trade colony.  Inflated Economy
  • Sells System Scanner (F6), Holovids, Assorted Eyeball Tasties
  • Buys Godmasks*, Yellow Hugger, Hot Fungus, Pop Berry Plant
35, 69 Planet 2- Tandelou Eshvera trade colony.  Inflated Economy
  • Sells Tandelavian Happy Juice, Parasitic Pets
  • Buys Godmasks*, Sticky Fruit, Electric Balloons
54, 195 Planet 1 - Dweenle trade colony.  Depressed Economy
  • Sells Godmasks, Lovely Glort Bloops, Nutripods
  • Buys Amusoballs*, Oily Spore Bush, Breathing Cactus
  • 29,54 - 93,28
  • 33,70 - 70,82
  • Mining for planetary minerals is all but useless in Starflight 2!  The only ones that remain useful are the ones used for repairing ships or fueling tech; these are Cobalt, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Titanium, Promethium and Shyneum.  For the rest there is only a small chance any given trader will accept them, and even then you'll almost never get full price.  So just carry some of the repair minerals around for emergencies and stick to hauling tradable goods and searching for colonizable planets.
  • Inversely, capturing lifeforms is much more useful this time, as they tend to sell for a decent amount at local traders.  Be sure and check what traders on a planet ares willing to buy, and while you're searching for a trade post check around to see if you can find some samples!  35, 69 planet 2 is a good place to earn easy cash for Class 5 engines and Shyneum.
  • Shyneum is relatively inexpensive and common (selling for 500 Mu at most traders), but you should still be very careful not to run out.  Get Class 5 engines as soon as possible and try to always have at least 50 units on hand.  If you're short, do some lifeform-gathering at 35,69 Planet 2 to build your reserves back up.
  • Logging planets for colonization is still a great way to earn quick cash.  However, you can only recommend a habitable planet for colonization if no sentient species currently live there.  So if you get an alert to that effect when you find one, don't bother logging it.
  • Stay out of the Nebula at first.  Even though it takes up a huge chunk of the map, it's packed to the brim with Uhlek ships, and they're just as numerous, hostile and dangerous as they were in the first game.  You'll need to venture in there sooner or later, but at the beginning you should stick to the outer rim as much as possible.
I should also note that most versions of the game available on the internet (the GOG version included) come with the copy protection already disabled, so it'll probably accept anything you punch in.

The GOG version also has a built-in executable that lets you create save game backups and reload from them, so use it!