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Grandia III Part 4

We shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

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I did a bit more Arrange Dice off-camera.  Again, the key to the game is just patience.  Bet low enough to keep yourself in the game and keep going until you get some big wins, because the payoff is far greater than what you'll lose in the long run:

I grabbed a few sets of Rune Armor (+25 DEF, +50 RES) and Mysterious Clogs (Warp movement!) for my party, as well as a couple of Volcano Eggs, which give access to a pretty beastly Fire spell for this stage of the game:

There's also a very expensive sword called "the Gambler" that sells for 80,000 medals, but as the video below highlights, it really isn't worth it.  Not enough damage variance to make for a significant upgrade and it only sells for 1 Gold...

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