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Final Fantasy XV - Catching the Liege of the Lake

Did it once off camera.  Got it again on camera!

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A few tips:
  • Come in with the best rod, reel and line available.  The line is sold right next to the lake where the Liege resides, but the others will require doing some fishing quests.  The Needle 1000: Gold Cactaur lure is generally the best choice; sometimes you'll get one for free near the shop, but you can buy it there too.
  • The Liege tends to hang out near the back of the lake; he's usually a large blue dot, but from what I hear, sometimes he won't show up on the radar at all.  Just keep casting and you'll get him sooner or later.
  • As with any fish, keep the rod pointed in the direction he's moving.  Watch the ripples on the pond, and when he switches directions, change with him.  This is slightly easier on a clear morning since you can see him more easily than when it's raining.
  • Use the rumble on the controller as a guide.  When he's fighting hard, wait for him to stop.  When he calms down, reel for a few seconds, then stop when he starts struggling again.  The more you can preserve your line, the better off you'll be.
  • It will take a good while (10-15 minutes) to reel him in; do not get greedy and try to rush it.  Chip away at him a little at a time, and you'll get him.  Rush and he'll snap your line.
  • When you get close (within the last 15% or so), he'll start to get desperate, weaving left and right much more frequently and struggling a lot.  Again, keep pace with him and be patient.  You'll get your chance to reel him in.