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Spoony Plays the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Bonus: Cave of Shadows

Sweet, sweet vengeance.

A few things to note:

  • First, you need the Wolf Link/Midna Amiibo to reach the dungeon (which comes packaged with the deluxe edition of the game).  You access it by viewing the Save/Collections screen and scanning it on the Gamepad.
  • The first five floors can be played after rescuing Faron Province from the twilight.  Floors 6-20 only unlock once you complete the Aribter's Grounds and watch the following cutscene, and the last twenty floors only unlock once you've gone to the Twilight Palace and powered up your sword with the power of Sol.
  • The game forces you to exit at floors 5 and 20 at least once, even if you unlock all three sections before coming to the Cave of Shadows for the first time.  Use this to your advantage to save a high heart total to the Wolf Link Amiibo (see below).
  • Upon completing the dungeon, you're presented with a scorecard detailing the number of hearts you had left, the time you took to complete the dungeon, how much damage you took, what your biggest combo was and what Amiibos you used.  This data can be saved to the Wolf Link Amiibo and used later (see below).
  • You must remain in Wolf Link throughout the whole dungeon, which prevents you from using any items to help, but you can get some assistance from other Amiibos.  Zelda and Sheik Amiibos will restore your health to full once a day, while the Wolf Link Amiibo can be used in the Cave of Shadows to restore health equal to the number of remaining hearts you saved to it.  (In the video, my previous run had 17 hearts, so I was able to recover that many once).  The Ganondorf Amiibo can also be used to double the damage you take if you want a bigger challenge.
  • Your first completion will earn you the next wallet upgrade in the line, whether that's the Big, Giant or Colossal Wallet.  Collecting the Big or Giant Wallet here will cause Agitha's two rewards to change accordingly, with her awarding you the Giant and/or Colossal Wallets through her sidequest.
  • A few rooms throughout have hidden dig spots where you can find hearts and extra rupees.  Of course, if you're playing on Hero mode, no hearts will appear.