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Spoony Plays Warcraft II: Edition, Human Campaign Part 2

Late night, low mic funtimes.

Units Introduced

Ballistas - Extremely slow-moving and firing ground units, but their range and damage output is unmatched.  They also do a bit of splash damage with each hit, which can damage other units near their target.  A siege unit perfectly suited for knocking down enemy towers, protecting your shores and razing buildings; just keep them out of reach because your enemies will tear through them like tissue paper given half a chance.  Requires a Lumber Mill and a Blacksmith.

Transports - An invaluable support unit, these guys ferry your land-based troops across bodies of water.  Whether for resource excursions or launching attacks on enemy bases, their value cannot be understated.  Keep them protected with Destroyers, though, as they cannot defend themselves.  Requires a Foundry.

Flying Machines - Fast moving units with good vision range, but no weapons to speak of.  However, they are invaluable scouts, allowing you to seek out enemy bases and resources in no time flat.  They'll also prove handy in naval warfare, as they can spot enemy Submarines and Turtles (which are otherwise invisible).  Requires a Gnomish Inventor and a Lumber Mill.

Knights - Pretty much a straight upgrade from the Footman; they sport higher damage output, more HP, better armor and greater speed, which makes them handy for luring enemies into traps and laying siege to enemy bases in general.  They require slightly more gold and some Lumber to build, but that's a small tradeoff for the advantages they provide.  They can be upgraded to Paladins and gain access to the Holy Vision, Healing and Exorcism spells.  Healing is pretty self-explanatory and useful for getting some extra mileage out of your troops, though it only works on organic units.  Exorcism instantly kills skeletons and Death Knights and is much more useful on the latter due to its long range and the threat they can pose.  Holy Vision is risk-free scouting, temporarily revealing a portion of the map and clearing the fog of war from it.  Knights require Stables, Paladins require a Church.