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Spoony Plays the Phantasy Star Spinoffs, Part 3: Huey's Adventure

The Phantasy Star II Text Adventures were a series of short adventure titles originally released in 1990 on a Japanese-exclusive download service called the Sega Game Library.  They later got a physical release as part of a line of Sega CD compilation discs known as the "Sega Games Cans" (so named because the discs were housed in round metal cans) and, more recently, all eight of them have also been released on Phantasy Star Complete Collection, which is part of the Sega Ages 2500 compilation series for the Playstation 2.  None of these games (or compilations thereof) have been officially released outside of Japan, but all of them have since been fan-translated, which is what I am playing for the purpose of these videos.

All of the games follow one of the eight playable characters from Phantasy Star II before the events of the main game, giving a bit more detail on their respective back stories.  Huey/Hugh's follows his attempt to stop a rogue bio-monster at his university.