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Spoony Plays Ultima IX: Ascension, Part 9

We have a gentleman caller, suffer second degree burns at Raven's hands and then it's off to Trinsic, the city of dishonor.

Oh, and in case you're curious, here's what happens when you hand over the blackrock and 7000 Gold to the local smith.

At first he agrees to do it, and he seems a nice enough guy, so naturally you agree to return the next day.

He's just as dishonorable as anyone else in town, though.  Once you return, he complains about the poor quality of the Blackrock you gave him, stiffs you on the sword and keeps your money to boot!  He'll also refuse to sell to you anymore, so you miss out on any plate gear you didn't buy.

Well, we'll see if he changes his tune once the shrine is restored, I suppose.