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Spoony Plays Ultima IX: Ascension, Part 8

The residents of Minoc relearn the meaning of "Sacrifice" in Ultima IX's usual subtle fashion.

Now that we can fast-travel with our new Orb of the Moons, here's some of the stuff I did off-camera!

First up, we sell the oodles of gems we found in the Minoc mines and make more money than we can carry.  (Anything you earn over the maximum of 9,999 just gets dropped on the floor).

That won't do, so we should spend a bit of our fortune.

Returning to Duncan after learning his first two-handed skill and having at least 3 Dexterity will allow you to learn a second one from him for the sum of 2500 gold, so that should allow us to carry the 1,149 or so we couldn't carry before.

Heading back to Britannia, we pay Iolo a visit.  Since we have 4 Dexterity and the other two Bow skills (and spared him in Despise), we can learn his ultimate skill.

He also gives us his personal bow, which is the best non-magical bow in the game.

Now that we also have a source of Mandrake Roots, I decided to bind a few more spells from my scroll stash.  Namely Full Heal (since we can cast Fifth Circle stuff now), Cure, Telekinesis, Ethereal Sight, Fireball, Wizard Eye and Infernal Armor.

You can find a scroll of Telekinesis in Nico's shop.  Just click the plaque on the wall to move his bookshelf aside and a small niche in the floor will open, revealing the scroll and an orange potion.