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Spoony Plays Ultima IX: Ascension, Part 7

Wrong is a dungeon very worthy of its namesake.  Half-assed stealth missions and glitchiness ahoy...

See the bonus article if you want to know how to enable cheats.  (For time saving/glitch escaping/off-camera tomfoolery purposes only, of course).

Something I forgot about until now.

Near Britain's well, three gold pieces sit on a bench.  If you drop one in, it'll give you a Glass Sword.  This is one of only about four in the entire game, so make sure to grab it!

And finally, a cool exploit that gives you an unlimited number of bags:

The concept is simple enough: Fill your inventory up completely so that you have zero empty slots (don't forget to equip a weapon too).  Then get caught by a guard in Wrong.  Go through the tunnel and get your backpack back; this will place everything back in your inventory, but the game will not not have the space to fit everything on your backpack and belt.  To compensate for this, it creates an extra bag in the first slot of your backpack and dumps the overage in there.  Simple.

If you want more bags, just drop the current bag you've got, equip a weapon, fill up your two empty backpack slots, and get caught again.  Repeat the process as much as you want until you've got all the bags you need.  I like to have five for my backpack for key items and rare swag, and four on my belt for quick access to potions and spell scrolls.