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Spoony Plays Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Part 1

For my money, the best PC RPG ever made.  It took everything great about Ultima VI and ramped it up tenfold, creating a game universe that was not only expansive and meticulously built to the last detail, but it also sported a revamped real-time engine that made it all fun to interact with as well.  You can literally just wander around for days seeing the sights and finding all sorts of cool stuff..

Oh, and the story is really good, too.

During this playthrough I'm going to attempt to showcase a lot of the hidden secrets in the game, as well as show off some more of the more humorous "unvirtuous" acts one can commit.  With virtual impunity no less, as there is no Karma system in place...

The stealing system is also broken in a rather strange way, in that picking up and dropping items directly into your inventory is not considered "stealing".  Moving items around will cause people to become annoyed and eventually call the guards, and eating unowned food directly off the table will immediately get the lynch mob called.  Your party members will also not take too well to your crimes, with Iolo and Dupre being particularly apt to leave the party or even attack you if you steal too much.  On the other hand, taking a food item off the table, setting it in your backpack, THEN eating it is perfectly fine for all parties involved...
Mysteries to solve
  • Is there a connection between the Fellowship and the murders that have occurred?
  • What was the item Christopher had made, and was it taken by our killers?
  • What is the exact relationship between the Fellowship and the Guardian - unwitting lackeys or co-conspirators?
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