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Spoony Plays Ultima VI: The False Prophet, Part 0 (Introduction and character import)

After the Ultima franchise had launched itself into the realm of legendary PC RPGs with Ultima 4 and 5 before it, Ultima 6 had a tough act to follow.  Origin upped their game once again to build a world of unprecedented detail, interactivity and realism compared to any RPG before it, and they succeeded admirably.  This world not only featured NPC schedules, a day-night cycle, and an immersive dialog system, but it actually featured a world full of living, breathing characters with their own jobs, lifestyles and personalities to match.  The world itself also took on a more realistic edge, being composed of one contiguous, unbroken map instead of a world map dotted with small town maps to enter, and virtually every object in it can be interacted with to some degree - cows can be milked, cloth can be cut into bandages and characters' pockets and chests can all be rifled through for items, just to name a few.

Don't think the gameplay lost anything in the transition, though, as this is still a very deep and involved adventure that will require a lot of forethought, legwork and combat strategy to complete...

Importing your character from the previous game is a considerably simpler task this time.  Just copy your SAVED.GAM and SAVED.OOL files into a folder called ULTIMA on the root directory of your hard drive, then click the letter of that drive once the prompt comes up.  Bingo, you're done.

Also note that, unlike last time, you don't lose any of your core stats in the transition.  That should make it very easy to get yourself maxed out, if you're not already there at the start...

Manual/Box Scans