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Spoony Plays Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Part 3

We gather a few more clues and then it's time to start our campaign against Blackthorn.  We start by reclaiming a couple of the crown jewels of Lord British.

Ah yes, and here's where to get the two rare and expensive reagents (without having to buy them at exorbitant prices):

Nightshade is in the deepest part of Spiritwood, which lies a short distance southeast of Skara Brae.  Search the coordinates I'J" by C'M" at midnight (It's marked by a group of trees much larger than all the ones surrounding it).

Mandrake Root is in the same spot as last time, a single swamp tile southeast of Minoc located at D'G" by L'G".  Once again, you must search that spot at midnight.