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Let's Play Xenogears, Part 26

We tie up all the loose ends and prepare to launch our big, all-or-nothing strike on Deus.

Answered questions

  • Grahf possessed Khan's body when he had come to take control of Fei; Fei's powers as the Contact (awakened through Miang's experiments) struck down both Grahf and his mother, leading to Fei's fractured psyche and Grahf possessing Khan instead out of desperation.  However, Khan's will proved too strong for Grahf to gain full control over, resulting in lapses where Khan's personality resurfaced and he was able to lend aid to Fei and Shevat as Wiseman.
  • Emeralda was created by Kim as a means to undo the genetic damage humanity had sustained and extend their lives.
Various factoids and symbolism