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Let's Play Xenogears Part 22

We finally start getting some answers.  Well over forty hours into the game.

Answered questions

  • As we see here, Krelian is a high ranking Solaris officer, singlehandedly responsible for many of their illicit experiments on surface-dwellers and also in league with the Gazel Ministry as they seek to revive 'god' (The "M Project", as they have termed it).  He also seeks to eliminate Fei and utilize Elly toward some unknown end...
  • Fei is the "Contact" and Elly is the "Antitype", though it's still unclear what these terms mean.
  • Krelian's interest in Emeralda was to further his research into nanotechnology.
  • The Term "Anonelbe" refers to Fei as the one who can free humanity from the grasp of 'god'.
  • Citan's reason for working alongside Emperor Cain (and observing Fei in secret) was to determine whether Fei was a threat to humanity, and whether his rule was truly necessary.
  • Miang is the Masked Woman/Executioner.
  • Id and Fei are one and the same, as are Weltall and the red Gear.  More accurately, Id is a second personality within Fei, born of some past trauma, who surfaces when he is pushed to his breaking point.  When Fei transforms, Weltall does as well (owing to the mysterious "black boxes" mentioned in its profile).  
  • The one we know as "Fei" is a personality created by Khan Wong three years prior to the start of the game, and was created to keep Id's tremendous powers in check (unsurprising, considering he is directly responsible for thousands of deaths and the destruction of at least two civilizations).  Fei also possesses a third personality, the "coward", which seems to possess his memories of the past and holds some sway over both other personalities...
  • Grahf is the one who brought about the Diabolos five hundred years ago, as well as the one who trained Id.

Questions so far

  • What is Krelian's interest in Elly?  It seems to run deeper than her simply being the 'Antitype'.  Could it be due to her resemblance to Sophia?
  • Why did Hammer betray the group?  He mentioned something about fixing "it"...
  • Is Khan Wong really dead?
  • Is Grahf really Lacan?

Various factoids and symbolism

  • Fei's three personalities represent the three facets of the self in Freudian psychology - The id, the ego and the superego.  The id governs a person's basic, instinctual drives and craving for self-gratification (represented by Id), the Superego strives to act in a moral and socially acceptable manner (represented by Fei) and the Ego governs the balance between the two extremes (represented by "the coward").
  • "Urobolus" is likely a corruption of "Ouroboros", a symbol of ancient origin depicting a snake or serpent eating its own tail, said to represent cyclicality or self-reflexivity.  Carl Jung also believed it to have archetypal significance to the human psyche.