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Let's Play Fallout 2 Bonus: Post-game goodies

Just a few little oddities you can play with at the end of the game.

Here's Fallout 2 on the fast track.

AGDQ 2013 speedrun by Lee.  Like Fallout 1, nearly 95% of the game can be skipped...

Some other stuff to try

  • Play a stupid character (INT 3 or less).  It's much more fully featured this time; though you still miss out on a lot of things, there are also some unique options you can't see any other way.
  • Take the more "evil" options.  Work for the Duntons, join the Slavers, join the Hubologists, join the Bishops/Salvatores/Mordinos, give the "easy way out" answers to quests, etc.  See just how low you can get your Karma.
  • Make a character with 9 or 10 Luck and try out the Magic 8-Ball.  There's a few item caches you can't access without it.
  • Get Captain of the Guard.  It's surprisingly tricky.
  • Play a Pacifist (no kills either committed or witnessed, save for those absolutely necessary to finish the game).  Harder than it sounds!
  • Try out some of the other recruitable NPCs - Dogmeat, Lenny, Robodog, Goris, Myron, Skynet, K-9, Davin and Miria.  Or even Pariah Dog if you're feeling really brave.
  • Go into the Enclave guns blazing and try to survive.  It's not easy!
  • Try to fight Horrigan without the aid of the turrets.  Or Sergeant Granite.  Or any allies...
  • Play the game for 13+ years in-game time and see what happens...
  • Play with the Restoration mod.  It adds a lot of deleted quests, areas and items back in.

More special encounters to see

  • The Cafe of Broken Dreams, which is the Maltese Falcon building from the original game containing several familiar characters and others cut because of engine limitations or time constraints.  A much more powerful version of Dogmeat is also here, and will join you if you approach him while wearing no armor.
  • The crashed shuttle, which contains three Hypos that restore a large amount of HP (and was intended to contain the Phazer weapon but it wasn't included for some reason).  A reference to Star Trek.
  • A herd of exploding brahmin.  Run away!
  • A crashed whale and a bowl of petunias.  A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.
  • The "tin woodsman" who is rusted in place and must be freed by using the nearby oil can on him, which rewards you with 150 Microfusion cells.  A reference to the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Guardian Portal, which has your character go back in time and break Vault 13's water chip in a rather amusing paradox.  You can also find the Solar Scorcher there, a unique laser gun that can be reloaded for 0 AP and uses no ammo but only works in sunlight.  A reference to the Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever".