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Let's Play Sweet Home, Part 1

SEIZURE WARNING: This game contains flashing images.

A tie-in to a successful Japanese horror movie of the same name, Sweet Home is also a unique blend of gameplay styles, combining elements of turn-based RPGs and puzzle solving adventure games.  Alongside Alone in the Dark, it could also be considered one of the early predecessors of the survival horror genre...

Some stuff I did off-camera:

Went back and picked up several of the weapons I skipped over in my ignorance.  So now the whole group is pretty well armed.

South of the door leading into the large dark room (where you need the flashlight to get through the barrier), you can place two blocks of wood across gaps and get a pretty awesome weapon, the club.  A good way to get rid of a couple flimsy boards you'd otherwise have little use for.

I also grabbed that other extinguisher to see what's on the other side of the other fire-filled room.  You get a tonic and a silver axe for your trouble, so definitely worth it!

Oh, and there's another fresco in there that gives you the second half of the clue to the armor puzzle.  Not that we strictly need it, but we might as well check it out while we're there.