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Let's Play One-Shot: Zoda's Revenge: Startropics II

SEIZURE WARNING: This game contains flashing images.

Zoda's Revenge is a sequel to Startropics published in North America in 1994, right at the end of the NES' lifespan.  Alongside Mega Man 6 and Wario's Woods, it was used as part of an effort to push the new NES "101 model" as a budget system (initially retailing for $50).  Ultimately, however, sales of these games were not enough to impress Nintendo and support for the NES platform was discontinued at the beginning of 1995.

While Zoda's Revenge may not be as fondly remembered as its predecessor, it's still a solid action-adventure title with plenty of challenge and a few gameplay improvements.  If a bit more time was given to allow for some more detailed environments and puzzles, it may even have surpassed its predecessor in fame...