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Let's Play Earthbound, Part 1

I would say "in celebration of Earthbound's announcement for a release on the Wii U Virtual Console, we're going to play through it!", but that'd be a lie since I'd already planned to Let's Play the whole trilogy.  So instead, I'll say this.

"By happy coincidence, we're playing through Earthbound next, which has recently been announced for a release on the Wii U Virtual Console after many years of absence and in spite of countless fan campaigns to get it re-released."

Now for the requisite history.  After passing on a release of the original Mother game on the NES in the early 90s, Nintendo later opted to release its sequel in North America under the name "Earthbound".  Despite  reception to Japanese RPGs still being relatively low at the time Nintendo went all-out with their marketing of the game, launching a heavy ad campaign for it and giving it big-box release containing a full player's guide and several extras like scratch-and-sniff stickers.  In spite of all that, the game met with average reviews and mediocre sales.  However, its unconventional nature, quirky charm and unique sense of humor quickly earned it a handful of devoted fans, and over the years it's become THE definitive cult classic for the Super Nintendo.

By that same token, it happens to be one of my absolute favorite video games of all time.  It takes all the unique ideas its predecessor put forth, adds several new ones of its own, and refines the overall experience into what is probably the closest thing you can get to a perfect JRPG.  I have nothing but great memories of it, and I hope by playing this I convince you to pick up a copy on the Wii U and create some memories of your own!