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Let's Play System Shock 2, Part 4

System Shock 2 is now available on Good old Games.  Get it!

We take orders from a new source as we head into the dawn of the spiders. Also, Cyborg Assassins.

I went and got another wrench off-camera because having to kill monkeys and worms with grenades is just silly. Also, something I didn't note earlier:

This vending machine is one of the most useful in the game, as it sells both psi hypos and health hypos. You also have quick access to it from almost anywhere on the ship - it's located right outside the elevator on Deck 1.  Deck 2 also has quick access to upgrade units and a vending machine with Rad and Toxin hypos (just outside the entry into Medical) and Deck 3 has a battery charger two rooms away from its elevator as well.  So don't hesitate to do some backtracking if you're running low on supplies or energy.

Oh, and be sure to pick up the recycler by hacking the vending machine outside the Deck 4 armory.  It's one of the most useful items in the game!