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Let's Play Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Part 14 (Finale)

We at last arrive at Drazil, a world full of unpleasant surprises and home to our ultimate foes.

Characters introduced this time (in order of appearance)

Voiced by: ?

At last we come face to face with Median's daughter, Virtuous' would-be slayer and Revya's sister.  Banished to Drazil after her death at Gig's hands, she now lives as a bit of an outlaw for her non-conformity.

Joules and Gamma
Voiced by: ?

The masters of Life and Death respectively in the world of Drazil, as well as its tyrannical overlords.

Gestahl / Median
Voiced by: Patrick Seitz

After a brief glimpse at the beginning and several flashbacks, we at last come face to face with the man himself.  He's none too happy at having been an unwitting part of Drazil's plans, but does he still have the god-slaying strength he possessed centuries ago?

Voiced by: Jamieson Price

The god of the world of Drazil, whose grand scheme for dominance led to the devastation of Haephnes and turned Drazil into the Orwellian society it is today.  Can the combined strength of two World Eaters, a Master of Death and the mightiest warrior on Haephnes truly fell this tyrant?

I love that expression on Gig's face.