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Let's Play SaGa Frontier (T260's Quest), Part 5

Virtual worlds are explored and many, many battles are fought on the route to the core of the region-destroying super weapon, RB3.

For those who are curious about what the Type 8 body is capable of, here's another video showing it in action against the final boss.

In short: The Type 8 comes equipped with V-MAX, FortBody (20 Defense armor) and MegaBeamSword (a 55 ATK sword), and also has the special skill Graviton.

The V-MAX will greatly boost all of T260's stats while it is active and enables his CosmicRave and StarlightShower attacks, but when it wears off, his stats will all be drastically reduced, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword.  CosmicRave is a very powerful physical attack that targets one enemy while StarlightShower is a powerful holy-element attack that hits all enemies.