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Let's Play Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Part 1

A lesser known Nippon Ichi title, but a very good one.  It's their attempt to tell a darker, more emotionally-driven storyline, and it actually works out surprisingly well. 

As for the gameplay, think Disgaea meets Ogre Battle.

Characters introduced this time (in order of appearance)

Lord Median
Voiced by: Patrick Seitz

A mighty emperor who conquered and brought peace to the war-torn continent of Prodesto.  Unfortunately, with the rise of Gig and the World Eaters, his reign didn't last long...


Voiced by: Yukiko Kikuchi / Kensuke Nishi

The quiet and androgynous protagonist of Soul Nomad, who was unwittingly chosen to wield the Onyx Blade because of his/her considerable spiritual power.  Now possessed by Gig and on a quest to rid Prodesto of the World Eaters.


Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh

Revya's oldest friend, a scatterbrained Sepp warrior who fights with a pair of sickle swords.  Gig loves to mock her to no end.


Voiced by: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

A former warrior and mentor to both Revya and Danette, and the one responsible for fusing Gig's soul to Revya through the Onyx Blade.  Said to be hundreds of years old and capable of surviving death, though how she is able to do so is a mystery.


Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

The scourge of Prodesto and self-proclaimed "baddest of the bad".  200 years before the game began, he led the World Eaters in a campaign of violence that left the planet devastated and resulted in the dealths of millions, his rampage only finally coming to an end after he was sealed away within the Onyx Blade.  Now fused to Revya, he seeks to corrupt and take control of him/her, presumably to continue his genocidal rampage.


Voiced by: Wendee Lee

One of the three World Eaters, colossal engines of destruction that devastated Prodesto under Gig's command 200 years ago.  Since Gig was sealed away, she seems to have largely gone dormant, only reacting when directly threatened.  Despite being his "favorite" world eater, Gig clearly has no qualm with destroying her for personal gain.

Masked Man and Man in Bandages
Voiced by: Doug Erholtz and Patrick Seitz

Two mysterious figures who seem to be interested in taking down the World Eaters.  That's about all we know about them for now.

Chevalier Galahad

Voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince

Appointed as "World Eater Guardian" by the city guard of Raide, but quickly relieved of that position after being defeated by Revya's group.  Suspicious of his commander and his rapid rise to power within the Knights of Raide.

Grand Cordon Thorndyke
Voiced by: Dave Wittenberg

Leader of the Knights of Raide, a trading hub that faces danger from all sides.