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Please contact me first if you feel I'm using some material of yours unfairly/without permission and would like it taken down.

Do also keep in mind the following.

1. You're free to have your own opinions about things, or to disagree with mine; just don't expect me to care.  Especially if you can't enunciate your viewpoint in more intelligent ways than calling me a long string of childish insults in one long run-on sentence with no punctuation or properly capitalized letters.  Putting my thoughts to a web page does not make them any more valid than yours; making my point succinctly while you scream and rave and karate chop your keyboard like a rabid ape does.

2. By that same token, if you think I'm wrong about something and want me to reconsider my point, then put together a compelling, well-worded case and convince me to do so.  Spewing ad hominems and character assassination and death threats for daring to disagree with you, the almighty Joe Nobody from Buttfuck, Alabama, will only get you ignored.  If the only point you can come up with in defense of something is the knee-jerk mantra of "anyone who doesn't like this is biased/a loser/a moron/a faghat", odds are you're the one who needs to rethink the reasons behind your viewpoint, not me.  Oh, and bullying people into silence or obedience doesn't mean you've "won the argument"; it means you're a zealot with no mind of his own, let alone an actual opinion on the subject in question.

(And please, build your arguments on confirmable facts from reliable sources instead of baseless conjecture or whatever trumped up bullshit Kotaku or Polygon is spreading this week.)

3. Being in the minority on a subject doesn't automatically make my opinions wrong, nor does being in the majority automatically make yours right.  Quit being told what to think by Game Informer's highly trained team of corporate shills and the fanboy hive-mind on the IGN forums and think for yourself for five goddamn seconds.

4. I at no point have claimed to be a journalist.  I don't have to be "fair" or "objective" with my opinions, and unlike nearly everyone claiming to be a "fair and objective gaming journalist", I'm not held hostage by publishers threatening to pull their advertising or have me fired if I write a bad review for their latest big-budget turdpile.  So I have every right to say "Bioshock Infinite is a brain-dead, joyless slog written by a pretentious hack" if that's what I honestly believe.  Which I do.

5. When you start paying me a salary, you can decide what articles I write and what I create videos about.  Until then, no.

6. If you're just writing to point out a typo or minor HTML error somewhere, or complain that I swear too much, or fire off the tired, empty gotcha argument that "X is a single outlier to your generalized statement and therefore that statement is invalid", kindly spare my Delete key some wear by getting off the internet and getting a hobby.

7. By that same token, you don't have to swear and nitpick as much as I do to get my attention.

8. If you're just tracking down my contact information to try and start a fight over an off-hand comment I made months or years ago and you had to go well out of your way to dig up, allow me to spare you the trouble of writing your Pulitzer-quality email because my response will always be "get a fucking life" followed by an immediate block.