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Curse of the Azure Bonds Part 0: Character Creation

Team Meme returns for another round of adventure.  Quite literally, because you can transfer created characters from the previous game.  Though they don't carry over any of their gear (sadly), they will retain any experience they've earned, which will give them a significant head-start in this game.  To do this in the GOG versions:
  • Load up your save from Pool of Radiance, then go to the training hall.  Remove all the characters you wish to transfer from the party, then save the game.  This will create files you can copy over.
  • Go into the Pool of Radiance installation folder and open the cloud_saves\POOLRAD directory.  Look for files here with the names of your characters ending in .CHA.
  • Go to your Curse installation folder and copy these files into the SAVE directory.  Now in-game, choose to Add a character, and when prompted, choose "Pool".

(You can also import to/from Hillsfar if for some insane reason you played Hillsfar)

I did this for everyone but Mickey and Theo, whom I've re-created as a Paladin and a Ranger, respectively.  No real point in using a plain Fighter class when these two have all the same benefits and more under 1E rules.