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Fallout 4 Part 3

We branch out to another Red Rocket and Sunshine Tidings, where glitchy elevators await.

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I've upgraded to the Game of the Year edition and a few more mods:
  • Beantown Interiors Project
  • Red Rocket Settlements
  • Snappy Housekit
And some Automatron-themed ones.
  • Weapon System Overhaul
  • Protectrons Expanded
  • EyeBot Companions
  • Automatron for All
  • Automatron Robot Faction Paint Jobs
  • Automatron Mini Liberty Prime
  • Automatron SD Tank
  • Automatron Securitron
  • Automatron Wheel Legs
  • More Robot Voices
  • Ms Automatron Parts Collection
  • Speedy Protectron Legs