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Kingdom Hearts Part 5

I love every second of this dorky dorky adventure

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I did a few small things off-camera:

  • I completed the Herc Cup in the Coliseum. There is a bug here where if you get to the final round (vs Hercules), pause and choose "Restart", you won't restart the entire cup, but instead just start again at the final round with the timer paused. Makes things much simpler!
  • This in turn unlocks the ability to refight any battle in the Herc cup, so I refought the Rare Truffle a few times to gain levels.  If you bounce him all 100 times you get a whopping 5050 points, which isn't bad at all for about two minutes of work.
  • I visited a room in Halloweentown I neglected to on my first trip (go to the spiral hill, then turn around and enter a coffin door there).  This has a few rare items as well as three of the Dalmatians.

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