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Planescape Torment Part 7 (Finale)

What can change the nature of a man?

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For those curious, the worse of the two endings has the Nameless One and the Transcendent One engage one another in combat.  With the Transcendent One's destruction, the Nameless One sinks into the ground and awakes upon the battlefield of the Blood War.  His actions from there are left ambiguous, as he is not shown joining the battle.

A third ending of sorts exists as well; if the Nameless One kills himself with the Blade of the Immortal in the Transcendent One's presence, the Transcendent One's destruction scene is shown.  A short video then plays depicting a solemn-looking Nameless One kneeling with Deionarra standing behind him whilst the Blade of the Immortal shatters.  However, this is still considered a "game over" and the player is prompted to reload.