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Spoony Plays Final Fantasy VII (PS4), Part 1

Revisiting a highly acclaimed game from my youth.  But does it stand the test of time?

A few ground rules for this playthrough:
  • I will be going for 100% completion on the trophy list.  That means we're recruiting Yuffie and Vincent, dating Barrett, getting Cloud chosen by Don Corneo, and defeating Ruby and Emerald Weapon in addition to a whole bunch of collectible stuff.
  • No disabled encounters or god mode cheats will be used.  Turbo mode will be used to speed up grinding and/or boring parts.
  • I'm banning use of all of the Summon Materia because they're absurdly overpowered, with one exception: I will be casting Choco/Mog once for the trophy.

The stream and Youtube comments will also be in sudden death mode for the duration of the playthrough, so any useless pests joining the stream or leaving comments just to squawk about how "the other Final Fantasies were better and you should be playing those instead" or how I'm a "fanboy" for revisiting this game or expressing positive opinions toward any element of it whatsoever will be blocked immediately and with extreme prejudice. Have a wonderful day!