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Cold Gaming: CyberJudas

The sequel to Shadow President, which expands upon its gameplay and dark cyberpunk atmosphere in numerous ways but unfortunately also has a marginally worse interface.

I'm playing the CyberJudas Gambit mode, in which one member of your cabinet is a traitor and you have to weed him out before he damages your reputation beyond repair (or has you killed).

If you want to get this game to run in DOSBox,  make sure your machine type is set to "svga_s3" (it doesn't work properly in svga_et4000) and that you either have a physical copy of the game or a virtual drive mounted with an image of the game disk.  This was the era before no-CD cracks...


Spoony (and the Lardpirates) play Shadow President (Playlist)

Spoony Plays Shadowgate 2014 (Playlist)

Spoony (and the Lardpirates) Play Shadow President, Game 1

I play Shadow President under the advisement of my loyal cabinet and see where things go.
(This is just a little spur-of-the-moment video.  If people like it I may do more)

Scenario Played: U.S. Economic Decline
Total time in office: 26 days
End result: Impeached

The four scenarios in the game:

1) Virtual Earth - 1990    (Default Scenario)

"It is June 1, 1990.  The Berlin Wall is falling.  The Middle East is about to explode.  No one has heard of "Desert Storm."  And no one would believe a Soviet coup.  Welcome to your first day on the job."
2) Super-Iraq

Hypothesis:  Iraq is Great Power
Rationale: U.S. failure to intervene in Kuwait

"Saudi Arabia has fallen.  The communists have lost power in the Soviet Union.  Israel is threatened.  46% of the world's oil is controlled by Iraq.  The U.S. economy has been damaged.  The average U.S. citizen's income has fallen 19%.  Iraq has acquired nuclear weapons.  Its missiles can strike any spot on Earth."

3) Resource Wars
Hypothesis:  Stronger Developing World
Rationale:  Depletion of oil and mineral deposits

"Nationalism is sweeping the world.  Northeast Asia is set to explode.  War threatens Central and South America.  Many developing economies have improved.  Global quality of life has risen and so has military spending.  Ten countries have acquired nuclear weapons.  Nuclear anxiety is high."

4) U.S. Economic Decline
Hypothesis:  Japanese and German Prosperity
Rationale:  U.S. Spending frenzy 1981 - 1996

"The Soviet economy has collapsed.  The U.S. has become isolated.  China is increasingly active.  The U.S. economy has been badly damaged.  The average citizen earns $16,139 a year (per capita income).  Japan has begun a nuclear weapons program.  This is an effort to deter China."


Xenoshit, Page 21

Spoony Spoonicus
This comic is like that friend you have who thinks that when you don't laugh at one of their awful jokes, you just didn't get it.  So they repeat it more slowly and then explain the punchline to you like you're an idiot.  So then you just force out a chuckle to be polite and dread the next time he's going to pull the same stunt...
Mayor Mike Haggar
Well holy crap, our author has learned how to format a page and even draw people to an extent.

...His art still looks like clown vomit, but I'll take any improvement I can get at this point!
Winston Thrasher
I hereby give this comic the Aberration Aboretum award of Begrudging Recognition for exceeding the limitations of David Gonterman and improving in quality, slightly, over time.

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Xenoshit, Page 20

Spoony Spoonicus
If only all self-insertion Mary Sue characters would meet such an end.
Mayor Mike Haggar
If nothing else, I can safely say I've never seen a self insert willingly wear a sailor's cap and a blue plaid shirt.
Shion Uzuki
He activated MOMO's "52nd Street" function.  Now why would Dr. Mizrahi program such a thing?
Winston Thrasher
Nothing cooler than that MOMO, looking like Randy from Manwhore Industries.

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