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Super Mario Bros. 6: The Legend of Bowser's Condo

A silly RPG Maker VX Ace project laden with memes and silliness from Zero X. Diamond's streams.  I tried to make it a relatively decent RPG, too, so even if you're not in on most of the jokes, you should still have a fun time with it.  Runs about 5-6 hours for a full playthrough.

Meme Game 2 Demo

A kinda-sorta sequel to the first game that I've had ideas rolling around for for a while, but never really put into motion until ZXD started doing impromptu themed Game Jams.  This wasn't made for any particular one, but it gave me an excuse to try out RPG Maker MV, and I like how it came out for something I hammered out in only about 6-7 hours (plus an hour or so of tweaking and bugfixes after the fact).