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Final Fantasy VII: New Threat Part 1

An awesome mod that rebalances the whole game, adds new quests and introduces unique character traits and stat divergence, making it a considerably more challenging and involving experience.

Oh, and I may have installed some new models and upscaled backgrounds and stuff too.

Watch Final Fantasy VII: New Threat Part 1 from spoonshiro on www.twitch.tv

If you want to check out these mods for yourself, you will need the mod manager called 7th Heaven, which you can acquire here.  Also, be sure to start with a clean installation.  C-L-E-A-N.  Fresh off the discs or installed from Squeenix Store/Steam, nothing else done to it yet.  This is important.  Now go to that forum post and follow the instructions there to the letter*.

Once you've got everything properly configured, load-ordered and ready to go (give it a quick test run to make sure it all works), grab the New Threat mod here and add it to your library.  Make sure it's enabled too.

*The default included mods have changed since the guide was written, though, so my current load order is a bit different.  Here it is:
  • Miscellaneous - Dynamic Cloud Weapons
  • Battle Models - Weapons
  • Field Models - Objects
  • Animations
  • Battle Models - Characters
  • Battle Textures
  • Battle Models - Enemies
  • Field Textures - Satsuki (or whichever of the other two you prefer.  Only one can be active at a time!)
  • FF7 NT IRO 5th July 2019
  • Media - Music and Sound
  • Menu - Avatars and Backdrops
  • Minigames Collection
  • Spell Textures
  • Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats
  • Media - Movies
  • World Models - Characters
  • World Models - Enemies
  • World Models - Vehicles
  • World Textures
Configure the graphic and models and such to your liking, but I do strongly suggest you go under Animations and set 60 FPS Battles to on.  I also don't recommend using any other difficulty mods or cheats, as they may conflict with New Threat.

Direct any questions to the QHIMM forum, not me!