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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Part 1

The adventures of Favian the Filthy.

Backstory provided by Zero Diamond:

Born into excessively low standings, Favian is the rarely heard of Low Elf: a High Elf that's lost all sense of pomp and circumstance and accepted that they're a disgusting, worthless peasant. Favian's family were killed by bandits when he was a baby, and he was raised by a clan of goblins who found him on the side of the road. Then, years later, his adoptive goblin clan were wiped out by helpful imperials, who rescued him from his miserable life of eating rats and rolling around in mud and put him to work shoveling out the stables. In an even worse twist of fate, he walked in on a local lady of importance in a forbidden tryst with a lowly stableboy, and she used her influence to have him fired. Reduced now to a lowly beggar, Favian the Filthy was then arrested for vagrancy and thrown in prison.

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