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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Part 1

Gary Oldman goes to Cyrodiil

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Mods Used 

  • Blockhead
  • DarNified UI
  • GameCompanion
  • Mystic Emporium Fix
  • Oblivion Character Overhaul
  • Oblivion Mod Manager
  • Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion Leveling Strategy

Bethesda attempted to address some of Morrowind's leveling system exploits in Oblivion.  This comes in two main forms: Limiting the amount of times you can train skills (a hard five slots per level) and by having enemies scale up in strength with you; not just by making stronger enemies appear, but nearly every enemy and NPC's stats will go up as your level increases.  The problem with this is that if you're not scrupulously maximizing your stat gains with each level and keeping your equipment up to snuff, you can find yourself outpaced in relatively short order, which can make combat quite a pain to deal with.

An effective, if somewhat inelegant, solution to this problem is to do the opposite of what Bethesda intended you to.  Instead of picking skills relevant to your class as your Primary stats (the ones that give you levels as they increase), do just the opposite - make a custom class and pick a bunch of skills you'll rarely use.  That way, you'll have full control over when and where you gain levels, letting you put those training slots to use and maximizing your overall gains per level.

I picked the following:

  • Armorer
  • Block
  • Blunt
  • Light Armor*
  • Alchemy
  • Marksman
  • Sneak
* I accidentally picked Heavy Armor here, which I had to change later via console commands.  This is a bit of a convoluted process but it can be done.
  • Type ShowClassMenu to open the class menu again, but don't hit Tilde again to close the command line.  Instead, just re-create the custom class and pick the skills you want again.
  • Go through as normal, but do not click Done; this will reset all of your stats to base values.  Instead, open the menu with Escape and click Save, then load the save you just created, all without closing the console.
  • Now, to set the skills we altered to their proper values, I typed: Player.setav LightArmor 25 and Player.setav HeavyArmor 5.