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Simcity 2000 Network Edition

This article is a scrap left over from a planned site that never got off the ground.  I'm posting it here in the remote chance it's of interest to anyone.

Released exclusively for Windows 95 in the year 1996, Network Edition is a rare version of Simcity 2000 that allows up to four players over a local network, Winsock TCP, Winsock IPX or the internet.  Gameplay is also changed up to accommodate this functionality: all players operate on the same map, but must purchase land before being able to build upon it.  Each player operates independently for the most part, though they do have the option to write checks, resell land or create contracts to exchange resources with one another.  Players must also vote in order to pass city ordinances; if a majority voice support, the bill passes, otherwise it gets vetoed.

Running the Game


As the game was not especially popular and went out of print less than a year after its release, finding a copy nowadays is relatively difficult.  Getting it to run is also a problem; as this is an old game designed exclusively for Windows 95, it does not install properly on newer systems.  Thankfully, this problem has been addressed by some awesome fans, who have created patches that not only allow it to run on modern machines, but improve its netcode, causing map synchronizations to occur every 1-5 seconds depending upon the game's speed.

  • Grab the Simcity 2000 Network Edition Interoperability Patch 1.5 here and extract it to the directory where you wish to install the game. 
  • Get the Simcity 2000 Network Edition 1.1 patch here and move it into the _setup folder in that directory.
  • Copy the 2KNET folder from your Simcity 2000 Network Edition CD into the same directory.
  • Make sure all files in the directory have the Read Only flag cleared; this will sometimes not be the case when copying the files from a CD or ISO.  Select everything in your install directory (CTRL+A), right-click and choose "Properties", then clear the box.
  • Run the _setup.cmd file.  This should patch the files to run under modern versions of Windows.
  • Finally, grab this patched executable and copy it over 2KSERVER.EXE in the 2KNET directory for more frequent server updates when playing online.
  • Enjoy!

NOTE: Some virus scanners may report a false positive on the portable.dll file included in the packages.  You may have to temporarily disable your scanner or add an exception to play the game.

    To host a game (and join it)
    • Run host.cmd to start the server.  This will also pop up a window with your external IP (your friends will have to input this to join!)
    • Run play.cmd to start the client.  Click "Join Game", leave the IP as and input a username.  Click Start.
    To join a friend's game
    • Run play.cmd and choose "Join Game".  Input the IP address of your friend's server and a username, then click Join.
    To play solo
    • Run 2KServer.exe in the 2KNET subfolder.
    • File -> Start New Game to start the server.
    • Run 2KClient to start the client. Click "Join Game", leave the IP as, and input a username.  Click Start.

    The following are self-owned mirrors for all of the third-party patches for Simcity and Simcity 2000 described on my other pages.  I make no claim of ownership for any of them.

    Simcity 2000 (Windows 95)

    3rd-party Installer

    Network Edition

    Official 1.1 Patch
    Interoperability Patch 1.5
    Patched server executable for more frequent updates