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Virtue's Last Reward Part 5

What awaits behind the Blue door, and if we choose to ally or betray against K?

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Unanswered Questions

  • Who are Clover and Alice working for?
  • Why is the Gaulem Bay open in this timeline?
  • How did Quark's bracelet get removed without his death, and who put him in the pod?
  • Who are K's parents, and the robot and woman he spoke of?  (The woman is hinted to be Akane...)
  • Who killed Dio and destroyed his bracelet, and what was their motive in doing so?
  • Where did Clover and Tenmyouji disappear to?
  • Is there a way to save Phi and K?

The theme of nines

  • One of the jukebox codes in the Rec Room is Z9.
  • The 9 ball in the pool table puzzle goes to hole "F".
  • There is a 9 score zone on the irregular dart board.
  • A bit fourth-wall breaking, but there are nine pages of save slots.

Real-life References

  • Neostigmine is a real drug; a muscle strengthener, sometimes used to counteract the effects of a muscle relaxant (such as tubocurarine!).
  • Alice's quote about seven magic balls that grant a wish is a reference to the famous anime and manga series, Dragon Ball.

Path summary (Magenta -> Ally -> Blue -> Betray)

  • Alice, Sigma and K go to the Rec room
  • Alice and Luna still die, presumably killed by Dio.
  • Sigma and K both pick "Betray", leading to a draw and leaving only Quark with 9 BP.
  • Quark is found alive in the treatment center, unconscious but alive, and his bracelet is gone.
  • It is revealed that the GAULEM Bay is also opened for some reason, though Dio and Phi deny going through that room.
  • Dio is exposed as the killer by Sigma and locked in a treatment pod.
  • K and Sigma set off in search of the missing Clover and Tenmyouji, where K reveals his past.
  • Phi comes to check on them, and they follow a sound in the hallway, where they discover that an unseen person has taken the elevator down.
  • Following them, they find Dio dead and his bracelet smashed.  With Quark's bracelet missing and Dio's rendered useless, Sigma is the only one alive who can go through a door.
  • Sigma desperately tries to think of a way to save Phi and K...