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Street Fighter (Malibu Comic) - Malibu's apology

Spoony Spoonicus
And there you have it, the Street Fighter comic that dwells at the bottom of the barrel even among video game adaptations.  There's little question as to why this is the case, either - it's your typical bad '90s rag that put far more emphasis on gore and violence and angst than anything that might make for a compelling read, or at least a unique and captivating visual experience.  There's a good reason few people look back fondly on this era of comics, and Malibu's Street Fighter is just one example among many of really goddamn awful comics from that era.

Interestingly, this series had a continuation of sorts in Brazil; a company named Escala acquired the publishing rights to Malibu's series and attempted to continue it, but after two issues they dropped that idea and decided to create an entirely new storyline instead.  The rebooted series was apparently pretty well-received among fans, though it was abruptly cancelled and the last issue never released because the license expired.  I haven't had any luck finding scans, but here's an article about it (in Portuguese) and a blurb on the Street Fighter Wiki.
Mayor Mike Haggar
They were going to have mirror matches as a plot point in this comic.  Without a hint of irony.  Good lord.
Spoony Spoonicus
Not to mention that it comes on the heels of the Spider-man Clone Saga, an event which even non-comic readers know was a colossal fucking trainwreck and an embarrassment to the medium as a whole.  One would think that'd be a hint to lay off the clone plots for a while!

And yes, there were plenty of other bad comics based on fighting game franchises, including Primal Rage, Eternal Champions and even Killer Instinct.  I think I've had enough awful '90s cheese for a while, though.
Hey, look on the bright side; At least there was never a Clayfighter comic!