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Street Fighter (Malibu Comic), Page 14

Spoony Spoonicus
I don't show them here, but the ads in this comic are for Mortal Kombat (which makes sense as Malibu also made some Mortal Kombat comics) and Clayfighter.  Yes, believe it or not, Clayfighter was considered an up-and-comer in the fighting game world at one point in time.
Mayor Mike Haggar
With the rise of the genre and the amount of hype Interplay put behind it, it wasn't too surprising.  Of course, nowadays most every '90s gamer just recognizes it as "that mediocre franchise nobody actually liked but which we all played at some point" while those who played it later view it as yet another forgettable title only made to cash in on the fighting game craze of the era.
Right alongside such classics as Rise of the Robots, Double Dragon 5, Shaq-Fu, Violent Storm, Kasumi Ninja and a slew of TMNT Tournament Fighters games!

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