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Xenoblade Chronicles X review

Take a great open-world single player RPG experience.  Now dumb down the plot and characters to one-dimensional cliches, make it centered on fucktons of tedious grinding with no tangible payoff until roughly thirty hours in, put attack-on-sight enemies everywhere to further slow things down and force you to return to checkpoints constantly, and shoehorn in online functionality to excuse all of the bad design decisions with "oh you can just twink with someone thirty levels above you and do well!".  An incredibly disappointing turn of events, especially considering I really loved Monolith's previous work on Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles.  But when Nintendo is at the helm and clearly doesn't give a fuck about anything other than the bottom line anymore, what else do you expect?

In conclusion:

At least I didn't blow even more money on the "special edition". Yeuch.