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Spoony Plays Warcraft II: Edition, Human Campaign Part 5

In which I remember why I stopped playing this game many, many years ago.

Units Introduced

Gryphon Riders - The only buildable attacking flying unit in the game, and quite a powerful one to boot, launching bursts of flame that will deal heavy damage to anything in a straight line beyond the point of impact (and can land multiple hits on buildings as well).  This comes at a price, however, as Riders are very expensive to build and weak defensively; a small group of Archers/Axethrowers or Destroyers can easily wipe them out, and Guard Towers will prove to be dangerous obstacles for them.  In short, they're not just units you can build and then throw at your enemies without a second thought - you'll want to use them to carefully pick off units with no air attack abilities (Peasants/Peons and Battleships/Juggernaughts in particular) or harass undefended enemy buildings.  Try to use them in conjunction with Mages; their Invisibility spell makes it easy for them to sneak past enemy defenses or retreat when reinforcements arrive to take them down.  Requires a Gryphon Aviary.

Daemons - Only show up as NPC units in the campaign, and even then just for story purposes.  They can be placed under player control in the map editor, but their usefulness is dubious - they're fairly weak flying units with low HP and little damage output to speak of.  Additionally, they cannot receive upgrades from any building.