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Xenoshit, Page 21

Spoony Spoonicus
This comic is like that one guy you know who thinks that the reason you don't laugh at their horrible jokes is because you just don't get them.  So they repeat the entire joke again, more slowly this time, and explain the punchline to you like you're an idiot.  Then you force out a chuckle just to be polite and quietly dread the next time he's going to pull the same stunt, wondering all the while why someone so egotistical about their nonexistent comedy chops doesn't ever partake of an open mic night so some merciful soul can put him in a coma with a beer bottle already...
Mayor Mike Haggar
Well holy crap, our author has learned how to format a page and even draw people to an extent.

...His art still looks like clown vomit and he has the comedic sense of a retarded sloth, but I'll take any improvement I can get at this point!
Winston Thrasher
I hereby give this comic the Aberration Aboretum award of Begrudging Recognition for exceeding the limitations of David Gonterman and improving in quality, slightly, over time.

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