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Let's Play Xenogears, Part 15

We follow Stein to an abandoned Solarian mine, where a mysterious ancient relic awaits.  Then it's time for some of the toughest fights yet...

(Also, a small mistake corrected: The shop in Nisan continues selling Holy Pendants after this dungeon.  Once you proceed up Babel Tower, they stop).

Answered Questions

  • The red-haired man is named Id.
  • Jesiah's long disappearance was apparently due to a search for a way into Shevat.
  • Zeboim is an underwater city sunken by a nuclear disaster.

Questions so far

  • What is Elly alluding to during her dialog in the facility?  She doesn't even seem to know...
  • What is the significance of the humanoid nanomachine colony, and why does Solaris want it?
  • Was that Fei in his flashback, or just someone who resembles him?
  • What is Id after, and why?
  • Id's fighting style is very similar to Fei's.  What is their link?

Various factoids and symbolism

  • "Id" is a concept defined by Sigmund Freud, the component of the human psyche that consists of one's instinctual drives, desires and impulses - at its core seeking pleasure and avoiding displeasure.
  • The names of the four Elements are based on four of the orders of angels - Throne (Tolone), Dominion (Dominia), Seraphim (Seraphita) and Cherubim (Kelvena).  Their powers are also of course based on the four Greek elements of fire, water, wind and earth.
  • Buntline is named after a model of gun, the Colt Buntline Special.
  • The "Malakh Plan" is derived from the Hebrew word "mal'akh", which means "messenger".  It is usually used to refer to angels as messengers of God.

I did some grinding off-camera to get everyone's Gears fully equipped.  The best place for this is fighting mecha in the small desert along the Kislev-Aveh border - not only do they give 1000 gold a battle, but they also have a chance of dropping Magnetic Coats, which sell for 2000 each.  I also bought two more Holy Pendants at Nisan since they allow for some rather hilarious game-breaking later on...

(One could potentially be even twinkier by buying a second or even a third Ether Doubler to make Elly's ether powers even more OP, but I'm not going to do that - I do want there to be some challenge in this game, after all).