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Frozen Part 12

As for Sandra herself, she was be

Spoony Spoonicus
No.  No.  No.  Absolutely not.  I refuse to sit through another word of Fanboy's drivel.  We're done here.  I'm pulling the plug.  This riffing is over.  The fat lady has sang.  Everyone out.
Come on, we can still make it work, guys!
Spoony Spoonicus


Mayor Mike Haggar
No way.

Too rustled to continue!

Spoony Spoonicus
I would have a lengthy rant here about all of this story's faults, but what's the point in repeating what we've already said a million times by now?  There's not a single redeeming thing about the plotline (or lack thereof), its characters (or lack thereof), its setting (or lack thereof), or especially the format and quality it's written in (or lack thereof).  This is pure self-indulgent garbage that highlights every bad aspect of fan fiction short of including bizarre sexual fetishes.  It's the worst.  End of story.  Read a real book instead of wasting your brain cells on this garbage.  I can even recommend a few if you want.

Fuck this crap, I'm going to bed.